• Vacation Packing Tips for Tweens

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    Hurray! You are heading out of town and your tween or teen is now old enough to pack themselves (really, they are)! Whether heading across the state or across the ocean, here are tips to help it go more smoothly for all.  

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  • Incredible Tween Profile: BETHANY KUSTER, Color for Kids

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    You are the creator of Color for Kids. What is Color for Kids and what age were you when you started it?

    I am twelve years old now but was nine when I started Color for Kids. 

    Color for Kids is a non-profit organization that is helping to share color and art supplies with kids all around the world. So far, Color for Kids has shared over 500,000 crayons with more than 13,000 kids. By the end of this month, it will be over 14,000 kids. And that number will just keep growing because I don’t have any plans to stop!


    What inspired you to start it?

    I believe that all kids should be able to create art. The best part about art is that anyone can do it, and do it right, because there is no such thing as wrong art. You don’t even have to show it to anyone. Sometimes it is just a way to get your feelings out. Like if you are frustrated and don’t know why, you can draw a picture. Some feelings just feel like colors more than they feel like words.


    What are your future goals for Color for Kids?

    This is a tricky question.  I don't want to stop sharing color until every kid has his or her own box of crayons but more kids who need color are born every day - it would be difficult to catch up with every single one. 

    For now, I just plan to keep sharing color for as long as I can.  I love helping make other kids happy and I really hope to never stop.


    We understand you recently traveled to Cambodia? What did you do there with Color for Kids and what can you tell us about the trip?

    Cambodia is AMAZING! It's a gorgeous country filled with beautiful and kind people and I didn’t want to leave! I took over 1,000 lbs of color supplies with me, and shared it with kids all over Cambodia. Thanks to all the generous people who donated, there are now thousands of kids now have access to art supplies.


    How do you get donations to Color for Kids and do you have help preparing Color for Kids donations?

    Most of my donations come from schools and clubs who have color collections.  Sometimes business or families donate money for me to buy color or to help with shipping.  Sometimes boxes of crayons get mailed to me from people I have never met, but that want to help make the world more colorful. Even Crayola donated some cases of supplies for me to share! 

    My principals and teachers have all helped as much as they can, and my school has been incredible. Each year it hosts an annual fundraiser that helps to fund a color delivery.  Last year this helped pay for a color delivery trip to NYC where two entire schools received color, and this year it helped me to share color in Cambodia. 

    Usually, I prepare the donations myself and my family helps.  Once in a while I have some friends from school come and help sort out crayons if I have gotten a big donation and need extra hands.


    What has been the hardest part of starting Color for Kids? What is the best part?

    Public speaking is definitely the hardest part, but without telling other people about my goal to share color with kids all over the world, no one would know about Color for Kids and be able to help me. Sometimes you have to do things you think are hard, and it’s worth it when it’s for something you believe in. You can read more about public speaking and how it makes me feel HERE

    The absolute best thing ever is when I get to hand deliver art supplies. I have been able to visit schools in cities like New York and Philadelphia and hand out coloring books, crayons, colored pencils, markers and other supplies. Even though I hand out these items in schools, what I give the kids I meet is not a school supply; it’s their personal property, something that belongs just to them.

    I have met a lot of kids who have never owned their own box of crayons or had their own coloring book. I couldn’t imagine that before I started sharing colors. Now I see how special it is, and how much it means to have a way to express yourself. The HUGE smiles and hugs make me want to do it again and again.


    How can people get involved? What help is needed most?

    I ALWAYS need color! Anyone can start a color collection at his or her school or business, and that would be a huge help. Sometimes schools will host a fundraiser like a dress down day for teachers, and then donate the money they raise to Color for Kids.  This helps a lot with shipping costs – crayons are so heavy and cost a lot to mail.

    If anyone has a local Rotary Club, or a Lions Club that is looking to help fund a good cause, sharing my mission there is another way to help.

    Another really great way to help is just by spreading the word about Color for Kids on social media like Facebook or Instagram because then hopefully more people will see what I am doing and want to join in. Also, I have a donate button on my website, and every little bit really helps.


    Who is one person that inspires you and why? 

    Actually, there are two people. My friend, Elsa, is like a fairy Godmother, a best friend, a teacher, and a superhero smooshed up into one person, and Mr K, the best teacher of all time.  He always tells me to keep being me.  He is good at reminding people to be who they are and to work hard and go after your dreams.  

    You can read more about how Elsa and Mr K inspired me HERE.


    Do you have any advice for other tweens trying to achieve their goals?

    Always ask for help!  If I hadn't have asked my teacher for help, Color for Kids never would have happened. 


    What do you like to do for fun in your free time?

    I LOVE to read...I read ALL the time! I like to snowboard, and write letters to my pen pal. I also love anything that has to do with elephants, Finland, ice cream and traveling. 

    I keep changing my mind about what I want to be when I grow up. Sometimes I think a bookstore owner, other times a park ranger.  I even think being a cultural anthropologist would be cool.  My mom says it's a good thing that I have a while to figure it out – there are a lot of options out there. 

    To read more about Bethany and her Color for Kids progress, visit the Color for Kids website

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  • Travel Planning Tips to See More and Spend Less

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    Introducing my kids to new experiences and cultures is one of the most important things I want to do for and with my kids. Travel often teaches flexibility, respect, and awareness of other cultures, and brings history to life in a way just a book can never do. In addition, travel gives my kids a sense of the greater world that exists beyond their home region, state, or country. The big question for me is how can we travel as a family, without spending a small fortune? Here are some planning tips.

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  • 5 Independent Clothing Brands Inspiring Confidence in Tweens

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    Tweens are constantly changing. At CALZICO, we know how important it is to instill confidence in pre-teen girls during what is one of the most important stages of their development. Ensuring they have clothing options to suit their age, activities, and development needs is often tough to find.

    Read about other independent brands that are also thoughtful in design and purpose, and are helping girls express who they are, just as they are.

    Go ahead, get that holiday shopping done early!

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  • Game Night with Tweens & Teens

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    Looking for laughs?  A family game night is a great way to relax and enjoy each other’s company after a long week. Tweens and teens are old enough to understand strategy, follow rules, and are creative, funny and not afraid to speak their mind. You'll probably learn something new about your ever-changing tween. Visit our list of favorites here. 

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  • Tween Time!

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    We all know busy! Spending dedicated time with our kids is often harder as they get older; however, the tween years are a critical time to invest in creating/maintaining a healthy, balanced, connected relationship, ahead of the teen years. Here are simple ideas for spending one-on-one time with your favorite tween(s). 

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  • 5 Empowering Products for Tween Girls

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    The tween years are a critical time – particularly for young girls – as they develop their identity and really start to find their voice. Read about five unique products that are helping to empower tween girls and instill confidence in our future generation.

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  • 10 Tips To Help Your Tween Get More Out of Their Wardrobe

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    Tired of battling nothing to wear with your tween?! Here are 10 great tips for how to help them prolong the life of their (or your own) wardrobe!

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  • 3 Simple Ways to Foster Your Tween’s Independence

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    While it is never too early to start thinking about ways to foster independence in your child, sometimes life has a way of getting in the way. As parents juggling the demands of work, home, practice and whatever else happens in a day, we forget or don’t realize our children are in fact old enough to learn ways to help out around the house. Are your tweens starting to learn a few basics like these?  

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  • What is So Special About Tweens?

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    Between the ages of about 8-12 years, kids enter a period of change before becoming a teenager. While parenting during the tween years poses unique challenges, there is much to celebrate about this developmental stage, as well.  

    Read the full piece by visiting our guest post at Tweenhood Magazine or you can read it here!

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