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It’s outdated to think that blue is for boys and pink is for girls – however, too often parents find themselves placing that exact stereotype onto their kids because other options are so hard to find.

Well – the times, they are a-changing! At CALZICO, we think confidence is contagious. So, we design clothing that is fun and functional, yet also age appropriate.

Here are 3 other independent brands that are breaking down the barriers and empowering tweens and younger ones so they can dress to impress and express. Some of these fantastic designers have even designed clothing for toddlers, so that the messaging is clear from the very start: that it’s okay to be who you truly are.

Feeling great in what they wear is a huge part of building and maintaining confidence in kids – letting them choose their favorite colors and prints helps them develop their identity, and the high-quality materials and age-appropriate designs will have parents on board, too.

So, go ahead and get that holiday shopping done early!


dfd167d8d76142e8ab50868c723ea1eaPrincess Awesome
combines fun and girly style with cool graphics that aren’t typically found in clothing designed for girls. Think sparkly robots, hot pink rockets, hidden ninjas, and she-rex dinosaurs in sizes toddler to 12 years. The female masterminds behind the Princess Awesome brand want girls to feel comfortable and confident mixing their interests:  be it puddle splashing, ballet or chemistry.


be_bold_1000__96948-1400264816-253-253Girls Will Be is based on the simple philosophy that not all girls want to wear pink, sparkles and frills – and not every girl aspires to be a princess. The brand is determined to break down the ‘girly’ stereotype by giving girls the option of selecting clothing that is fun, functional and encourages them to be individuals from youth to early teen.

Girls Will Be has created a selection of shorts and t-shirts, designed to fit comfortably and look cool, available in a range of bold colors, featuring unique graphics tweens love.


12-9-2016-1-38-49-pmPink Truck is for kids who love pink and love trucks – regardless of whether they’re a girl or a boy. There should be no right or wrong when it comes to kids wearing what reflects their interests, but unfortunately it’s what a lot of parents are up against when selecting clothes for their children. With sizes from infant to early teen, Pink Truck is breaking the stereotype by recognizing (and celebrating!) that not all boys want to wear blue and love trucks, and not all girls enjoy wearing pink and playing with dolls.


Shannon Tennyson

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