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The tween years are a critical time – particularly for young girls – as they develop their identity and really start to find their voice. Here are 6 unique tween products that are helping to empower tween girls and instill confidence in our future generation.  

Handcrafted HoneyBee

HandcraftedhoneyBee has created a selection of packs for tween age girls that combine health and beauty products with an educational element. The husband and wife team behind Handcrafted HoneyBee are dedicated to empowering the next generation of young women to become leaders that can integrate logic, creativity and intuition to solve the problems of the world around them. And the kits, well they are just plain fun!  My tween’s favorite is the lip balm kit.


TIAGIRLCLUB.com is an online clubhouse where a community of inspired, empowered tween girls, come together for advice, support and motivation from female role models, to pursue their dreams. You can find TIA’s community of TIA GIRLS on their Instagram. TIA stands for ‘today I am’, and supports the philosophy that we have the power to choose positivity and happiness every single day. A Welcome Kit and monthly subscription TIA Treasure Box maintain motivation and put a smile on TIA girl’s faces. Their December box features Derek Hough, who will offer a Treasure Box for girls and a special edition TIA Box for boys.

 Gomee Girl 

Gomeegirl.com has created unique, hand-drawn patch designs to remind tween girls in a fun and fashionable way just how important it is to be themselves. Tweens can peel and stick or iron on the reusable Bemee patches to their lockers, lunchboxes, clothing and more. The Gomee Girl website features inspirational stories, and there’s even a Gomee Girl cheer to learn. Their newest patch is a peace symbol–a great stocking stuffer!

Bright Girls Company

Your Own Business Can Be Great is a book for girls aged 8-12 that promotes independent and entrepreneurial thinking. Holly Lichtenfeld, an entrepreneur and business professional, penned the book to empower young girls, encouraging them to believe in their dreams and envision themselves as business leaders and CEOs. Your Own Business Can Be Great includes knowledge-building activities and will help your tween develop skills such as networking, marketing, understanding profit and creating products. shop.brightgirlscompany.com

 Groovy Lab In A Box

Groovylabinabox.com is an award-winning subscription service that sends a box jam-packed with everything a tween needs to learn and experiment while having fun. Each box ignites the mind, blending Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics activities to inspire developing minds to create, invent, and improve their problem solving skills.

Period Packs

The team at PeriodPacks.com are all about welcoming young ladies to womanhood with love and support. Period Packs help parents to initiate discussion and awareness as girls start their periods, and make this milestone a positive experience. Lovely Period Packs arrive in eco-friendly packaging via mail with a selection of feminine hygiene products, an easy-to-read book on menstruation and a Parent’s Guide on how to start the conversation.

Shannon Tennyson 

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