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Gabby Goodwin is a 9-year-old entrepreneur with a fantastic head of hair that led her to a great idea, and in-turn, a booming business.

After a complaint about hair bows that just didn’t work generated an inspiring comment from their Pastor, Gabby and her mom were inspired and got to work right away designing hair bows with a difference.


In 2015, Gabby was named the South Carolina Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and was a National Finalist in the 2015 SBA Innovate Her Business Competition. 2016 has been even more successful, with orders for GaBBY Bows from 42 states and seven different countries!

When Gabby had a break from schoolwork and running her business, she answered a few questions for us…

How and when did you come up with the idea for your unique barrette?

My mom and I invented The Double-Face Double-Snap Barrette by GaBBY together. It is a bow that won’t fall out of the hair. My mom went on social media to express frustration about how my bows wouldn’t stay in my hair. Many moms agreed, but our pastor saw the tweet and said, “Sounds like a market you need to break into.” I was five, and every day after that I asked, “When are my bows coming?” We studied bows, compared bows, and the idea came. I picked out the colors and designs and we started the business when I was seven.

What makes your products unique?

GaBBY Bows have two faces so you can see the designs both ways even when the hair moves, while the ordinary bows just have one face. GaBBY Bows won’t disappear and ordinary bows do. We have never lost a GaBBY Bow! NO MORE LOST BOWS!

What role do you play in the company?  How do you balance your business work and your schoolwork?

I do inventory, am the lead saleswoman at trade shows, speak at kindergarten graduations and school career days and assemblies, help with sales taxes, and write thank you cards to people who order our bows online.

What has been your favorite part of creating GaBBY Bows, and what’s your least favorite part?

My favorite part is traveling to meet new friends and inspire people. I don’t have a least favorite part.

Where are your barrettes sold?

GaBBY Bows are sold online at gabbybows.com and at a few stores in SC and NC.

What are your future plans for GaBBY Bows?

I just raised $28,000 on Kickstarter to make my two new designs. I want GaBBY Bows to be sold in stores around the world, and am writing a book.

I hear you host GaBBY playdates, can you tell us about those? 

We set up play dates, invite children from children’s shelters and talk about entrepreneurship. Other kids who come bring items from the shelter’s wish list, and the rest of the time, we play!

When you are not working on GaBBY Bows, what do you like to do in your free time?

I like dancing, reading, crossword puzzles, and playing with my little brother Michael.


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