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You are the creator of For U By Q.  What is For U by Q and what inspired you to create it? 

For U By Q is the business I started to help give tips and ideas for a healthy life for kids.  I was inspired to start my business because my mom helps lots of people become fit and healthy and I wanted to do it too.  I wanted kids to have a safe place to come to get advice.

What age were you when you started For U by Q?  What are your future goals for the business? 

I was 6 years old when I started For U By Q and my first business was making and selling jump ropes and having jump rope parties. From here, I’d like to build my community Q’s Circle to become a place where kids, tweens and teens can come together to create a positive environment that includes a healthy mindset.

We understand you are the author of an e-book, Happy Healthy Smile Win. Can you tell us about what it is and why you decided to write it?

I wrote Healthy Happy Smile Win as a guide for kids to see that being healthy and active is fun!  I wanted to inspire kids to be their best.  It has recipes, workouts and activities to think happy thoughts. I’m also writing another e-book called Dream Catchers that will be out soon.

We also understand you are an inspirational speaker. What types of events do you speak at? 

I was a speaker at Chalene Johnson’s event, ‘Smart Success’.  Smart Success is a program that helps simplify your life by teaching systems to organize your mind and your business.  I was able to speak at this event because I was the only child to ever sign up for the program and I completed it.  Chalene Johnson asked me to send her videos to show that I completed each lesson.  So I spoke about completing things even though life can sometimes be hard and busy.


Do you ever get nervous when speaking in front of groups?  Any tips for other kids speaking in front of others?

I get a little nervous but it’s not that bad because I know that I’m speaking from my heart and about things that are true.  I think if anyone has to speak in front of a group to just speak the truth, to know that they are inspiring others just by being brave enough to be up there.

What has been the hardest part of being an author, speaker and kidpreneur? What has been the most fun?

The hardest part of being a kidpreneur is being consistent.  You want to do a lot of stuff with your friends, and I do, but I also have goals for my future that I want to work on.  The most fun part has been getting to travel and meet amazing people.

Who inspires you and why?

My mom inspires me because she helps so many people get healthy and happy. I want to be able to inspire people like she does.  Chalene Johnson is also a role model to me because she treats people how I want to treat people.  She puts people first.

Do you have any for other tweens trying to achieve their goals?

My advice to another kids and tweens is to keep going.  Don’t ever give up on your dreams.  And always believe in yourself – even if it feels like no one else does.

What do you like to do for fun in your free time?

I dance and do choreography.  I love to sing and act.

You can find more information about Quincy’s e-book by visiting her website, or follow her here:  Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |   Twitter

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