Welcome to CALZICO!

From the Beginning 

My expressive daughter had an early interest in selecting clothing and arranging to suit her style, mood or occasion. We looked for clothing with versatile or interchangeable features to give her more choices. Our inability to find quality, versatile clothing options for her age prompted the creation of CALZICO. 

How we're different

Choices for 'tween' ages are often too youthful or too mature. We design age-appropriate styles for girls 8-14yrs, that convert, reverse and layer to bridge the gap between youth and teen. With multiple wearing options, CALZICO garments simply do more. The versatility and global influence of our styles creates fashion that tweens and parents can easily agree on. 

What Parents and Tweens are Saying

"...looks just like the kind of thing my girl wants to wear. Soft, comfy, modest, elastic waists, easy to move in so she can still play soccer at recess, not overly girly, but still bright colors. Not an easy combo to find over the age of 5yrs." (Mika, mom)

"Cute, comfy looking, not sexy, but feminine..." (Elissa, mom of 8 year old)

"This is sooo soft" (Lyla, 9 years)

"I really like it...it's really comfortable" (Natasha, 12 years)

"Mommy, these are just so soft.." (Sophia, 6 years) 

"So comfortable I think I'm going to wear it today, tomorrow and to bed" (Reece, 12 years)

"...dresses [are] perfect for summer and beaches, yet can dress up for a dinner and camp fire at night...my girl loves" (Michael, dad of Olivia)

Our Products  

Our pieces are designed, cut and sewn using responsible partners who ensure quality and minimize and recycle textile waste. And, we take comfort details seriously -- from the stretch of a seam to the placement of a label. We even added a treasure pocket to one of our signature styles to keep special things safe. We feature unique illustrations from independent artists at home and around the world.

Our Name & Logo

CALZICO (cal-zeh-co) gets its name from founder Shannon’s tween-age daughter “Callie”, who inspired the design of a high quality collection that merges what a tween wants with what a parent needs.

Fun fact: In 1783, the first 'passengers' on a hot air balloon test flight were a sheep, duck and rooster (yep!) who flew nearly 2 miles for 8 minutes across Paris.